Travel during the Age of COV-19

We all agree that since March last year the Cov-19 outbreak has severely impacted our way of life, reducing us to stay in lockdown. Millions have gotten sick, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives and the entire world has been shut of.

Since then with the progress and dedication of our NHS, we can see a little glimmer of light and hope that once again we could enjoy our sunny holidays abroad once more.

As the weeks will roll on we will see countries re-open their border…starting with Spain on the 29th of March….  How do we find the visitation rules? Will the travel insurance apply during the pandemic? What will be flying like?

The best option is to check the official government’s Foreign Office or Tourism Board as they have the most up-to-date information.

Additionally, search for “(country name) COVID travel update” will get you a good list of the official website too. There you will find the best information about the quarantine rules (if any), test requirements, and other restriction you may need to know.

If you do travel here’s some important hygiene advice to keep you and your family safe:

-wash your hands frequently

-wear a mask at all time (better to be safe then sorry)

-refrain from touching your face

-wipe down your seat and the area where you are most likely to touch with disinfectant wipes

-and have a glass of wine and try to relax…. 

The government’s advice remains clear in that you should arrange Travel Insurance when you book a holiday abroad.

We would recommend that unless you have multiple trips booked you take out single trip cover, which is a policy for one holiday any time within the next 18 months.