Gatwick Parking Comparison Web sites

We all know how useful comparison web sites can be. They can show you at a glance the prices and services over a wide range of brands allowing you to select the ideal one for you. Comparison sites would generally offer you 4/5 brands or more on their site.

Agents commissions run between 20% and 30% and couple this with the current rate of 20% VAT, takes a huge amount from the parking company’s operating margins.

Add to this the Surface Access Charges arising out of the Gatwick Airport from 1st July 2013, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that those companies offering cheap prices the ‘cheap’ will ultimately be reflected in the quality and service of their product. Short cuts and compromise will occur in an attempt to maintain margins and this will without doubt, lead to disappointment in the service they offer.

If you are using a Comparison Web Site then it is always prudent to check out the ‘source’ product. Go ‘direct’ to the company’s web site to ensure they do indeed have the facilities they claim to have. The comparison sites cannot by virtue of space provide a sufficient brief of the company product they are selling. Very often the online information is misleading or untruthful. Comparison web sites are conscious of the ‘dwell times’ on their landing pages by internet shoppers and look to convert shoppers into buyers quickly. Take for example CCTV as advertised on most of the online comparison sites for parking at Gatwick Airport. It is a fact that out of 50 – 60 operators of Gatwick Parking no more than 10 actually have CCTV.