Gatwick Airport forecourt charges:

Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL) will introduce forecourt access charges from the 8th March 2021. The system will be operated by ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). The public will be charged £5 for entering the forecourt and this allows 10 minutes. Thereafter the charge will be £1 per minute. This means that a minimum charge of £10 is applied to all Kiss and Fly movements of drop off and pick up. This charge is applicable to all including taxis and anyone being dropped off to visit North or South Terminals. Once entering the forecourt you will have until midnight the following day to pay via a special web portal (to be announced). Penalties for not paying have yet to be displayed.

Tudor Rose will have a license to continue to use the special designated areas for collecting and delivering vehicles which at the time of writing remains the same as before. The Forecourt Access charge will be added during your booking process with Tudor Rose for both collection and delivery so there is no need to worry about payment as we will fulfil this requirement. However, we do need to emphasize to Customers that this only allows 10 minutes of waiting time once your vehicle enters the forecourt. This means that on collection of your vehicle it is important you call us 10 minutes prior to arrival so to give time for your driver to get there. On return from your holiday once you have called for your vehicle, you make your way directly to the delivery point. Any excess charges that Tudor Rose incurs will be passed to the Customer.

One final thing; please ensure you give us the correct registration number of your vehicle.

Here are some more facts in question and answer form which may help you decide which method you use for parking your car at Gatwick Airport.

Navigate around our web site and you will find all you need to know about Gatwick Parking.

What is ‘Valet Parking’ or ‘Meet and Greet Parking’?

You drive direct to Gatwick North Terminal or Gatwick South Terminal at a pre-arranged time and the Valet Parking Company will take your car and store it in a fully secure facility for the duration of your holiday. On your return from Holiday your vehicle is delivered to you immediately outside the Terminal in ‘Passengers Drop Off Bays’.

What is ‘Park and Ride’ parking?

You drive to the Gatwick car park and you are transported to the North Terminal or South Terminal in a bus or coach. This can take up to an hour with some car parks. The advantage of Valet Parking over Park and Ride is clear.

Is Valet Parking expensive?

Absolutely not. Compare our prices to that of ‘On Airport Park and Ride’ operations and you will see that in lots of cases Valet Parking is cheaper.

How can you do this personal parking service so cheap?

We have been in this business since 1992 and along the way we have invested in Freehold Sites, close to the airport terminals, with Planning Permission and the appropriate Licenses from local authorities. We don’t pay rent (unlike our competitors) and being so close to the Terminals, our overheads are much less than our competitors.

I notice that some web sites are advertising Valet Parking cheaper than yours. How do they do that?

Planning permission and authorisation from local councils have restricted the development of new airport car parks alongside their agreements with the Airport. Fully authorised sites are at a premium and there will be no further development of new sites in the near future. With the cooperation of The Home Office, Trading Standards and ParkMark (The flagship of the British Parking Association awards ). Beware of ‘Rogue Traders’ who set up web sites selling Airport Valet Parking. Without the appropriate permissions your car will inevitably end up many miles away on farms, country lanes, fields or left on the streets of urban areas.

How will I recognise their web sites?

Difficult – There are no hard and fast guide lines but look at our article under ‘Beware Rogue Traders’. To be safe, not sorry, ParkMark award and Trading Standards Generally – make sure the web site publishes the location of its site and don’t settle for ‘The car park is close to the terminals’. As in the poem ‘Desiderata’ ….’everywhere the world is full of trickery but let this not blind you to what virtue there is. Many people strive for high ideals….’

Where is Tudor Rose at Gatwick?

See us on Google Maps or Google Earth. RH6 0HQ. Hookwood Park, Reigate Road, Hookwood. We are 3/4 minutes from both North and South Terminals.

What telephone number do I ring before approaching the Gatwick Terminals?

The direct telephone number to our Controller is 07767 768271

How much notice do I give when approaching Gatwick?

15 / 20 minutes is the ideal.

How will I recognise your drivers?

All our drivers have red jackets and red caps with the Tudor Rose logo. They will have the details of your car so they will be looking out for it.

Are all your drivers fully insured?

Yes -Comprehensively insured to drive all vehicles on a public road.

Do I need to make my booking in advance?

Ideally yes – as this will guarantee your space and promptness when collecting your vehicle.

When booking online do I get a receipt?

Yes – an automatically generated receipt on making your booking and an email confirming the booking.

Can I book by telephone?

Yes – 9 to 4 weekdays and 9 to 12pm on Saturday.

Do you monitor incoming flights?

Yes – so that your vehicle is made ready. We will be aware of any delays but please telephone us if your flight is cancelled or delayed by more than a day.

Do I call you for the return of my vehicle?

Yes – retrieve your luggage and proceed through customs and then ring us. Your vehicle is despatched on the receipt of your call.