The perfect Christmas getaways…

The perfect Christmas getaways
The perfect Christmas getaways

What is the first thing you think about at Christmas?
Spending time with family?

At Tudor Rose, as far as we are concerned, we believe that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. As long as you are with family at Christmas than how can it not go perfectly?

Well, over the years it has become clear that a fun relaxing day where the family plays games and eats lots of food doesn’t always go as smoothly as one would hope.

It normally starts in November with the buying of presents, the ordering of the turkey and the inviting of guests. The parents normally find themselves exhausted before they have even woken up Christmas morning.

We have however found a solution to avoid all the stress – go on holiday!

Think about it. The amount of money you spend on presents, decorations, food etc is equivalent (if not more!) than if you were to book a holiday for the immediate family. Just think – a nice long relaxing week away, Christmas dinner cooked for you, no presents to buy (you’re taking your family to Barbados – that is the present!). All you have to worry about is which treatment to book at the Spa or which cocktail to order at the bar.

So whether you want to go away to celebrate Christmas, or go away to escape it check out these great holiday destinations.

New York, USA

Central Park at Christmas

While the exchange isn’t the best currently, flights to New York and rock bottom at the moment, so now is the time to book a trip! Christmas is celebrated through out New York with some of the best light displays in the world. Residents decorate their homes, apartments, shops etc so for the period of December to January the city is even more magical then it is through out the rest of the year. Head to Central Park for the famous outside ice skating or visit the Rockefeller Center for a great example of New York’s Christmas charm. A must do in anyone’s lifetime.

Rio de Janeiro, South America

A view of the sea and lights at night

Rio is famous for two things, a giant statue of Jesus and big parties. Could there honestly be a better place to celebrate Christmas? The residents gather on the beach to celebrate all day every day with fireworks, Caipirinha and music for the duration of December. However when Christmas Day comes the city is quiet and reflective as the country takes a moment to reflect on the day’s significance.

Rome, Italy

The Coliseum at Christmas

Rome at this time of year is perfect. With less tourists around you get to see so much of the city while still having that Christmas buzz we all crave for. Rome is always alive with general Buon Natale festivities. If you wanted to experience the rituals of the Roman Catholic faith then head to Midnight Mass at the Pantheon followed by a trip to the Vatican on Christmas Day. If this isn’t your cup of tea then the Piazza Navona transforms into a big Christmas Market where you can shop, drink coffee and watch street performances. No matter what sort of Christmas you are hoping for, Rome has everything to offer!


Father Christmas taking a child out for a sleigh ride

While many of the destinations mentioned celebrate Christmas traditionally, all reflecting on the importance of the day, Lapland offers something a bit more family friendly. The home of Father Christmas, this is one destination that will make a child’s dream come true. With reindeer sledge tours, inches of snow all around you and the Christmas Village there is plenty of things for you to do. Don’t forget also to check out the Northern Lights for a true Christmas Miracle.

Seville, Spain

This city is centered around Catholicism which means Christmas is a very important and highly celebrated time of year – but forget Father Christmas and his elves. Imagine nativity scenes, chestnuts roasting, traditional markets and tasteful decorations cover the city for the duration. With the best wine Andalusia has to offer and you will find yourself enjoying the festivities into the early hours of the morning. The ultimate destination for a young couple spending their first Christmas together.