We are aware that our Customers have different requirements when it comes to looking after their car but at the same time, keeping the booking procedure simple and straightforward.

To this end we have created several packages for your convenience to keep the booking procedure straightforward.

Our Gold Package is our premium service and can be selected in the booking procedure as ‘Gold Service’.

Our Silver and Bronze packages are being revised to bring even better discounts to our Customers. These will be complete shortly. We apologise for the delay.

We have some great ‘park and stay packages‘ with Hookwood Lodge located just opposite our car park. If your looking for Park and Stay Packages please click HERE.

We can combine our parking service to any hotel at Gatwick. We will collect your vehicle at the entrance of the hotel of your choice and deliver it to the terminal forecourt on your return from holiday or business trip. Please note this will only work with hotels LOCAL to Gatwick Airport.