Our Pricing

Our Gold Service

Upgrade to this service for just £2.50 extra per day. Includes a full vehicle body inspection and cancellation protection.

Parking Cost

Please obtain your quote by using the price checker above.

Prices vary from day to day as they are controlled by an algorithm which monitor volume and capacity. It is for this reason you should try and book as early as you can.

The arrival day and return day are charged at full daily rates, unless returning before 1 am. i.e. Saturday to Saturday = 8 Days.

Special discounts of 10% or more on bookings of 21 days and over.

Payment or cancellation protection is available at an extra charge of £3.00.

We reserve the right to collect you in our courtesy car if your flight is delayed after midnight.

For all large or long wheel base vehicles there is a surcharge of £10.00 per booking.

A full vehicle body inspection is available at an extra charge of £10.00.

Hand wash and wax, exterior windows polished, wheels cleaned, tyres dressed £12.50.


Our Auto Valets

Tudor Rose Mini (Gold) Valet £25.95
Tudor Rose Executive (Platinum) Valet £39.95

Please add £5.00 for all 4 Wheel Drive cars and MPV vehicles.


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