Payment Protection

Payment Protection

From the date and time you make a booking you have 14 days in which to cancel.

Current Travel arrangements are often being disrupted through travel companies collapsing, strikes, volcanic ash, bad weather or not the least, traffic jams on Britian's busy roads.

You never can tell what may happen on the first day of your well deserved holiday. You may forget that all important passport or just a childs teddy bear. Whatever happens it may result in you missing your flight.

For the benefit of our Customers we have created a payment protection plan at a small fee to protect our customers against these occurrences.

Payment Protection Benefits

Payment Protection is offered at an extra charge of £3.00. We guarantee a full refund if you miss your flight. This means simply that for whatever reason you miss your scheduled flight we will give your money back. * Term and conditions apply.

This product is exclusive to Tudor Rose unlike other companies that offer Cancellation Protection for a lower fee but has many conditions attached.


* Your contract with Tudor Rose is deemed to have started once you pass your vehicle to Tudor Rose. If you subsequently miss your flight or find that it has been cancelled and you recall your vehicle a refund applies only to the parking. The meet and greet element has been undertaken which is the first day charge. That element of your parking fee will not be refunded.


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