On passing your vehicle over to the custody of Tudor Rose in every case we take photos of each side of your vehicle. This is done in good faith with cleanliness and weather conditions permitting. We recommend that the Customer also take photos of their vehicle before handing over. This can be done with a mobile phone or similar and will only take a few seconds. Please ensure there is a point of location in the photo.

Due to the number of classic and vintage cars that we have looked after for our Clients we have created a FULL CAR PHOTO INSPECTION. It only differs from the above normal inspection in that a larger number of images are taken.This we have found to be more advantageous than a written inspection which is open to error. We do recommend that Customers also take there own images with a mobile phone or similar. This all helps to avoid any misunderstanding. The price of the full photo inspection is £10. A minumum of 30 pictures of the vehicle are taken covering all angles. Where the vehicle is passed to our custody at night or where there are poor light conditions a further set of photos will be taken as soon as conditions improve. A further set of images will be taken on dispatch of your vehicle to the airport on the day of your return. On the purchase of this product we guarantee making good any additional damage that show on the vehicle on the handing back. This excludes minor chips/dents that are a result of normal road conditions. You must fully examine your vehicle before driving away. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for a full description.

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